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Full Character Application
Personal Information
Name: Karan
Age: 38
Personal LJ: [ profile] karanseraph
Email / AIM / MSN: [removed in this version]

Character Information
Character Name: Trixie (The Great and Powerful Trixie, according to her)
Fandom: My Little Pony
Timeline: Friendship is Magic (character taken from Season 1, Episode 6)
Source: MLP Wiki Entry

[For the record, Trixie is a character with little canon. I understand review of such applications is more strict. I've tried to be as detailed as possible. K.]

Character History: Trixie is a unicorn pony of Equestria. Her precise hometown is unknown, and even if she gave the name, we couldn't accept it as true, any more than her claim to have vanquished an Ursa Major to protect Hoofington. Along with earning her Cutie Mark (composed of a magic wand and pixie dust), by discovering her special talent for magic, Trixie also developed a boastful persona. But, given her well rehearsed theatrics and handling of hecklers, we can safely assume she has been working as a traveling magician throughout Equestria for some time.

(My speculation would be that she lived in Canterlot as a filly and may have attended Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, because Canterlot is a home to many unicorn ponies who are known to do many tasks with magic. Also, because it would add weight to Trixie's rivalry with Twilight Sparkle, if they applied to the same school. Trixie would, of course, not have been personally chosen as the Princess's protégé, as Twilight was, and thus would feel she had something to prove. But this is head!canon. She didn't appear to know Twilight by name, when they met in Ponyville, but she did single her out of the crowd and antagonize her.)

Trixie's normal routine of magic shows and traveling between settlements was disturbed, when she came to Ponyville. Events began there as was normal. She brought her wagon into town and, with great fanfare, transformed it into a stage. She drew a crowd with her barker-like self-promotion. Trixie used a combination of unicorn magic, props and pyrotechnic effects to wow the audience, including a display in the sky showing herself fighting-off an Ursa Major.

But a certain group of Ponyvillians did not fall sway to Trixie's amazing feats, and called her boastful. Trixie quickly handled the neighsaying hecklers by challenging them, "Anything you can do, I can do better." (Yes, like the song.)

Trixie was first challenged by the earth pony Appplejack, who was offended Trixie called her friend, Twilight Sparkle, originally from the capitol of Canterlot, a hayseed. Applejack showed her cowpony roping skills, but Trixie bested her, by using magic to manipulate her own rope to hog-tie Applejack.

Next, Trixie was challenged by the pegasus pony, Rainbow Dash, who seemed set on being Ponyville's only show-off. True to her name, Rainbow Dash did fly a rapid series of maneuvers through clouds, that culminated in her appearing with a rainbow above her. But Trixie mocked her all the while, and used her magic to turn the rainbow into a whirlwind strong enough to make the flier queasy. (Rainbows in Equestria being a little more special than just water-refracted light.) Then, for good measure, Trixie summoned a small storm cloud, which zapped Rainbow Dash with a bolt of lightening.

It seemed, briefly, there would be no more challengers, as the unicorn ponies Twilight Sparkle and Rarity declined. However, when Trixie made fun of Rarity's mane, Rarity decided to show Trixie how a unicorn pony ought to behave. She used her own magic to turn a curtain from the stage into a beautiful set of equipage. But, again, Trixie bested the Ponyvillians, by using her magic to transfigure Rarity's sleek, indigo mane into a horrid, green rat's nest.

Trixie continued to antagonize Twilight Sparkle, herself a pony with a talent for magic; but despite encouragement from her dragon sidekick, Twilight declined to challenge Trixie, seemingly afraid to be seen as annoyingly boastful as Trixie, if she showed off her magic.

Trixie was able to continue her show unchallenged, inspiring a couple of young colts named Snips and Snails to greatly admire her. After the show, Trixie went about admiring herself in a mirror, as the two young fans brought her a smoothie she'd asked for. They asked Trixie to tell them more stories about her amazing feats, but Trixie, more interested in brushing her mane, gave Snips and Snails the brush-off, saying she was tired from the amazing feats she'd done already that day. She told them to come back tomorrow.

Snips and Snails left, and Trixie went to sleep in her wagon. Later, she was woken, as Snips and Snails returned in the middle of the night, banging on her door. Trixie was dismissive, until she heard the loud roar of an Ursa from nearby. Trixie screamed in fright - she knew she had never defeated a real Ursa. The beast crushed her wagon, and she and the colts ran away.

Snips and Snails encouraged Trixie to vanquish the attacking Ursa, so they could watch. Trixie realized the colts had actually led the Ursa to Ponyville on purpose, assuming it would be easy for her to vanquish one again, as she had claimed. Her first reaction was disbelief, "Are you out of your little pony minds?" But Snips and Snails still had faith in her abilities and reminded Trixie she had done this before.

Trixie was obviously frightened, but she attempted to save face with the colts, by putting on some show of resistance. Hesitantly, Trixie approached the large creature, with sharp teeth and wide, drooling maw. She used her rope trick, but all she could manage was to bind a few fingers of one paw. The Ursa then easily broke the ropes.

Snips and Snails continued to encourage Trixie, asking why she didn't have "cool explosions and smoke" this time. Trixie tried again, this time summoning a storm cloud, which then shot lightening at the Ursa and burned its side. This only enraged the Ursa. Ponies fled the area.

Twilight Sparkle and her dragon friend, Spike, then arrived on the scene. Snips and Snails confessed, again, they had led the Ursa to town, but informed Twilight that Trixie would take care of it.

Trixie knew she could not defeat the Ursa. All of Ponyville might be destroyed, because of her boasting. She dropped her Great and Powerful persona completely and confessed, "uh, I can't, I never have. No one can vanquish an Ursa Major. I just made the whole story up to make me look better."

Snips and Snails were disappointed, but Twilight realized she would have to use her magic, in front of them all, to save Ponyville. Using her knowledge from reading, Twilight realized the Ursa was only an Ursa Minor, a juvenile. She used her own unicorn magic, first to cause a breeze to make the nearby reeds play soft music, and to gather a large amount of cows' milk in a bottle-like container, and with great effort to lift and rock the Ursa Minor. Twilight was able to use her magic to move the Ursa back to its cave, as it was falling to sleep.

Seeing it was safe, the other Ponyvillians rushed in to congratulate Twilight Sparkle. Trixie was there, quietly. (And, Pinkie Pie was there, without any speaking lines for the episode.) When Twilight explained how she had known the Ursa was only a Minor that needed to go back to sleep, after being woken by the colts, Trixie was shocked. She didn't want to believe that beast she'd been afraid of was just a baby!

Knowing the other ponies didn't think much of her, now, Trixie fell back on her boastful Great and Powerful persona, declaring that Twilight may have defeated an Ursa Minor, but did not have her "amazing show-stopping ability". Trixie disappeared in a puff of smoke....

And possibly ended up on a platform in Axiom Nexus.

Character Personality: Based on her appearance and behavior, Trixie is the pony equivalent of a young adult, and of similar age to the main characters. She's already discovered her special talent and gotten her Cutie Mark, but shows no signs of advanced age. Series creator Lauren Faust has said that she considers the main characters to be equivalent to the emotional age of 12-18, but that ponies age differently than humans, so they can be independent at this age. I believe Trixie would be near the upper end of that range, because she sounded more cynical than egotistical, when briefly dropping out of her Great and Powerful persona, saying she didn't believe anyone could defeat an Ursa.

From her antagonistic behavior, she would seem emotionally immature, but she also exhibits ability to admit her faults, when in a serious situation, which shows a little insight and maturity. The fact that she did make several attempts to subdue the Ursa Minor, after her boasting indirectly brought the creature to Ponyville, and endangered other ponies, shows she has some level of responsibility, even if she made the attempt hoping to cover her lie.

Trixie is extremely egotistical, but she is not an egomaniac. She thinks first of herself, and she is very boastful, but Trixie does not have delusions regarding her abilities. Though she does it only under extreme duress, she is capable of admitting when she needs help, or when her boasts have been untrue.

Her admitted motivation in boasting is to make herself look better. Even being actually quite gifted in magic and illusion, Trixie is insecure enough to still elaborate and embellish accounts of her deeds and travels.

Trixie is also rather shrewd, and mean-spirited, as she insulted her particular challengers in very personal ways: roping tricks for the earth pony from the farm, weather-related tricks for the pegasus pony who is charged with cloud-clearing, and a cosmetic transformation for the unicorn pony who works as a fashion designer.

Her behavior also shows a marked dramatic flair. Trixie frequently talks about herself in the third person, enunciates words in melodramatic fashion, and makes broad gestures. Though, this could be an extension of her occupation.

Powers: As a unicorn pony of Equestria, Trixie has some inherent magic related to her special talent, but because, like Twilight Sparkle, her special talent is magic, she can use more magic, or use her magic for more tricks, than many other ponies. Some of her tricks include: conjuring flowers, transfiguring the hair of other ponies, creating whirlwinds, summoning storm clouds, and moving small objects by will. Trixie is especially adept at rope tricks; able to move lengths of rope by magic, to capture and bind others, and make knots.

Like other ponies of her universe, Trixie can do things that people do, like climb stairs, drink from straws, groom herself, and sleep in beds. She can do many tasks that ponies or horses of other universes cannot, but is still able to pull a cart, canter, eat hay, and other things 'regular' ponies do.

As a traveling magician, Trixie is also possessed of great showmanship. She augments her real magic with pyrotechnic special effects, such as fireworks, smoke, sparks and flames, to escalate the drama of her performances, and perhaps to distract from the workings of her illusions.
the magical feats
First person: [I see Trixie as having three distinct modes: on-stage "Great and Powerful" Persona, off-stage haughty diva, and the "real" insecure Trixie. I'll include a bit of each.]

1) Fillies and Gentlecolts, Come one, Come All! Witness the magic of the Grrreat and Powerful Trrrixie!!! [Green sparking pyrotechnics!] Behold the spectacular feats performed by the greatest magician in all of Equestria! [Fireworks!] Come see the Great and Powerful Trixie, whose magic saved Fillydelphia from a swarm of parasprites! The most magical unicorn pony of them all!

2) Can any of you...creatures tell Trixie where a pony can get a sunflower smoothie, extra hay, no whip? Trixie has had such a busy day. [Her alicorn glows as she magically lifts a brush to smooth her silvery-blue mane.] All these metal surfaces wreak havoc on Trixie's hooves. Actually, Trixie could really use a salt lick about now.

3) I-I can't do it. [Her ears lie flat.] I never had that power. I...lied about my ability, and now I owe so many credits! I- I need your help.

Third Person:
Trixie stood in the dappled light of an orchard, alicorn glowing as she concentrated hard on completing a spell. She could feel the magic focused in the single, spiral horn that now cast a rosy glow on her otherwise silvery-blue forelock. She had performed the spell many times before, in Equestria, but here, she struggled to summon so much as a thin fog. It felt as if something in this odd, metal world was controlling the weather, and it wasn't pegasus ponies flitting about the sky.

Trixie released the magic and a cool mist descended on the meager audience of farm workers. It was nothing as impressive as the storm clouds and lightening she'd been able to summon in the past. Yet, the onlookers, bunch of common hayseeds that they were, expressed gratitude and awe.

Refreshing after their farm labors, one said.

Trixie put up a confident facade, as if she meant to cool the tired farmers all along. “The Great and Powerful Trixie knows many such helpful spells! Why Trixie once changed winter to spring throughout an entire city.”

The small audience expressed awe again. It felt good, after the horrid experience of Ponyville, to be performing again. Trixie, knew, though, that she'd never changed seasons, not by herself anyway. In Canterlot many unicorns participated in the annual changing of winter to spring.

This metal city, with it's upper tier oases was grander even than Canterlot, though not nearly as clean, and nearly bereft of magic. Everything was run by machinery. And machines were run by those walking tractors. Still, Trixie saw the potential for larger audiences.

She had arrived, curiously transported from Ponyville, puffs of smoke still dispersing about her on that platform. Arrived in this odd place with nothing. No wagon, no props, no extra supply of fireworks or smoke, no stage costumes! She, Trixie, forced to start again from nothing! It was unbearable.

First person (Revision):

[A video feed opens on a little pony, with blue coat, silvery mane, a single spiral horn upon her forehead. She is seated in a chair in what would be recognizable, to those who have visited, as the interior of Axiom Nexus Central Bank. Just behind her, a Tenktonese gentleman in a conservative suit bows. He can be heard explaining that video is not allowed within the bank.]

[The pony, horn glowing faintly pink, ignores the bank employee and speaks to the camera.] The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived!

[She bows her head slightly, her large purple eyes shift from side to side, as if reading, and quickly she looks up, with a toothy, equine smile.] Axiom Nexus! Trixie is here to mystify and entertain you with her spectacular feats of magic!

[The Tenktonese man begs to interrupt again. Trixie, the pony, turns and speaks to him. The mic doesn't pick-up the audio clearly, but it's low, patronizing in tone, and mentions "water".]

[The feed now conveys a sickly wobble, like a horror movie shot with hand-held running through the woods, or exactly like a magical pony levitating her communication device without full concentration. Trixie looks towards the camera again, and now at the bottom of the frame, a stylus is seen moving over a datapad, though no hand or other appendage holds it.] First a few mandatory announcements. Trixie is from Equestria, which I am told, will only be recognized as "Harmony 1010.10 Alpha" on your magic-book things. The Great and Powerful Trixie knows all about magic books! And you walking-

[She's clearly reading from some prompt, again.] Cy-ber-tronians, with your trans-form-ation technology. [Trixie looks up, after reading the words.] The Great and Powerful Trixie created a Transformer with her magic! He was a Prime, which means he couldn't come with Trixie.

[Trixie is distracted by something, and turns to her right.] What was the exchange rate?

[A third voice, with the distinctive flange of a mechanoid speaks from out-of-frame.] Four bits to a credit. Minimum wage is 20 credits.

Thats... [She's doing the math.] Trixie can make EIGHTY bits an HOUR?! [This seems to be a large sum to the pony.]

We use "cycles" for chron-

[Trixie laughs, somewhat disarmingly, still looking off to her right. The stylus clearly flips to electronically erase entered data, then flips back again to re-enter.]

[The Tenktonese gentleman comes forward again, reaching toward the camera. The feed shows a rapid motion blur as the camera is moved. Trixie can still be heard:]

Trixie is speaking to her audience!

[The feed is cut.]


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